Beef Cattle

At Horton Park Farm, our ethos is to produce quality beef in a welfare friendly way from our herd of South Devon cattle, which we cross with our own Aberdeen Angus bulls. We aim to maintain an average herd size of between 260 and 300 head of cattle. Of these about a third are breeding cattle with the other two thirds being calves under a year old and fatteners which we aim to finish between 20 to 24 months of age.
Our cattle graze the North Kent Downs in a truly free-range manner for the summer months before being brought in for winter, where they are housed in modern, purpose built cattle sheds and fed on grass and maize silage produced on-farm.
We are confident that the beef we produce is amongst the finest you will ever eat. Every animal is carefully selected, hung for a minimum of 21 days before being expertly butchered, packed and labelled. Traceability is second nature to us, and we can tell you exactly how each and every animal was bred.
We sell our beef as 10kg mixed boxes with a selection of all the cuts priced at £10/kg.